Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Techies, Writing and Math Links

Question: What am I doing on mornings that I should be getting ready for advisory?

Answer: Spending time trying to find ways to motivate students via technology, of course (Technology is a passion of mine).

Here is a list of websites, some of which have corresponding podcasts, to check out. Hopefully, this will begin a conversation within our school and the outside community about how we can use the web for good (rather than evil, which many people often assume). I get so excited to see how much information is becoming available on the web that can accommodate all different learning styles (visual, audio, text based, etc.)

Here is a beginning list:
For techies, check out the following sights:
* The Tech Teacher
* Open Source Classroom
* Support for Progressive Educators

For writing tips, including making grammar palatable, check out:
* Grammar Girl
* The Writing Show

For some Math resources, see:
* Mathpod.net
* Math Help @ free-ed.net

If anyone wants to chat about podcasting, blogging, posting video on the web or anything technology related, hit me up. Lets learn together.

Fifteen minutes until advisory... (and I learned how to make links using html)

This is Aaron, signing off!