Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Student Survey for Volunteers of America

Please take some time to fill out this survey for our sponsor, Volunteers of America. Copy and paste these questions into a Word document or an email and just fill in your answers. Please let me know agrimm@edvisionshighschool.com that you completed the survey.

Completed surveys can be emailed to mek@voamn.org.

(If you show your advisor this completed survey, you may be able to get lifelong learning credit if you discuss)

Survey Questions:

Learning Program

· What kinds of learning activities take place in this school? Describe a typical class.

· What are you learning?

· How responsive are teachers to student needs?

· Can you share some samples of your work from different classes?

Organizational Viability

· Why are you attending this school?

· How is this school different from others which you have attended?

· What are the most important things about this school?

· Do you feel safe in this school?

· In what ways do students have ownership of the school?

· Name one thing you like and one thing you dislike about the school.

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