Monday, April 30, 2007

Back From New Mexico...

I should have a lot to write about after three days in New Mexico at the National Charter School Conference. I do, I do! Now I just have to find the time.

Here are some sessions I attended:

  • Advocacy: How to Get What You Want Without Becoming a Bully (Antita Mendosa, Amerischools; Russ Moore, Seamless Education Consultants; Marta Reyes, California Department of Education; John Thatcher, Connections Public Charter School)
  • Education Excellence Through One to One Computing (Brian Schmitt, NComputing)
  • Toward Next-Generation Charter School Legislation (Jeanne Allen, Center for Education Reform; Phil Andrews, Charter School Solutions, Inc.; Sara Mead, Education Sector; Todd Ziebarth, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools)
  • Building a Taxonomy of Public Charter Schools: The First Step Toward "Apples to Apples" Research (Ginny Blankenship, Charter School Policy Institute; Ted Kolderie, Education/Evolving; Mark Van Ryzin, University of Minnesota)
  • Race, Class and School Reform (Dianne Piche, Citizens' Commission on Civil Rights; Lucretia Peebles, Loyola Marymount University)
  • Charter Schools and Unions: Can They Get Along? (George Fatheree, California Charter Schools Association; Steve Barr, Green Dot Public Schools; Jonathan S. Gyurko, United Federation of Teachers; Dan Quisenberry, Michigan Association of Public School Academies; Lydia Rainley, Center for Reinventing Public Education, University of Washington)
  • Getting in the Political Trenches: Recruiting and Financing Candidates for Public Office (Jon Schroeder, Education/Evolving; Jim Griffin, Colorado League of Charter Schools; Ember Reichgott Junge, former in State Senator/former House of Representatives candidate; Andy Rotherham, Education Sector; Greg Brock, All Children Matter)
  • Cyber Charter Myths and Realities (Barbara Dreyer, Connections Academy; Allison Perz, Ohio Council of Community Schools; John Watson, Evergreen Associates, Inc.)
Additionally, I got to witness Howard Fuller and Ted Kolderie be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Above: Ted Kolderie accepting his award. Below: Photo opp. with D.J. Howard Fuller.

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