Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Everything Google

It is hard to say what is next from Google, but I am hearing rumors around the Internet about offering a free cell phone (I am not going to renew my current contract).

As if Google needs me advertising for them... They are amassing an impressive line-up of free web based software thus far:
  • Gmail - email (separate from the below accounts) - has built in IM for fellow gmailers
  • Blogger - blogging software
  • Calendar - links to gmail and you can share your calendars with others.
  • Docs and Spreadsheets (with presentation software soon to follow) - allows you to save to the web in your account. You can collaborate and let others view your document using a web address.
  • Notebook - can take notes in a web based environment
  • Orkut - extensive social networking program
  • Page Creator - easy to build websites with templates built in
  • Picasa - online photo editing (easy for embedding using html)
  • Google Talk - instant messaging, video chat and allows users to leave voicemail in place of text (while still an email message)
  • Google Video - includes searchable videos from YouTube being that Google bought the site
There are other programs like: Google Earth (satellite viewing of the world) and Sketch Up (3D modeling). You can sign up for these programs, for free at the Google accounts page or use the Google search engine to learn more. The programs work together for the most part, which is the reason why I am so fond of Apple's software.

What does this mean?
In my opinion, Google will make it possible to ditch expensive operating systems like Windows and Mac make that we all pay big bucks for. All a person will need is a web browser and a connection to the Internet to do all the things Windows and Mac make you pay expensive licensing fees for. Google is truly cutting edge and will hopefully save us all money.

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