Wednesday, April 18, 2007

For All You Non-Traditional Types

If you have an interest in how technology can be used in learning, you should check out a man by the name of Mark Prensky. He is what many would label a futurist (according to Wikipedia) and has ideas, that a few years ago, seemed a bit crazy. Before last year, his ideas seemed a bit far fetched to me.

Last school year, I had two students (Rob and Seth) base their senior projects around much of Mark Presky's ideas and opinions. The students would make comments like "Why doesn't education use gaming?" and "Why don't my parents understand why technology shouldn't be feared?." The concept of both of their projects was to prove to my previous school (Minnesota New Country) that kids need to be surrounded by technology for them to be engaged in learning. I can honestly say that I learned as much, if not more than my students from their work. (It is important to note that technology is a tool and doesn't replace content) More technology doesn't scare me. Does it scare you?

It is hard to argue that the Internet, as we know it, is changing quickly. We are going from the information age to the networking age. It is now possible to collaborate with people around the globe, as long as they have an Internet connection. Education is changing as we know it too. Experimenting is taking place and the "traditional" ways of delivering education will surely change.

This is a wordy entry today, but thanks for sticking with me.


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