Monday, April 30, 2007

You Have to Read This

After reading this, my brain has been going non-stop about the possibilities: Future Learning Environments.

This article not only broadened my mind as a teacher, but taught me history about the Wilson Campus School, located in my home town of Mankato, MN. For more on the Minnesota Experimental City, see this Wikipedia link here.

Not to get to philosophical on you, but I pose this question: What is a school?

My definition is quickly changing, but still centers around educating future citizens to think critically. Technology is changing things at a rapid pace and students are up to the challenge. As teachers, we need less of the status quo and more pushing the envelope. I am trying to keep my foot on the accelerator.


ilearn said...


At the risk of getting philosophical and to push a little farther than you were treading, "What is learning?"

Aaron Grimm said...

Sorry ilearn, I hadn't noticed your comment earlier. I think it is good to get philosophical. Learning is really about gaining skills in life, skills that aren't only learned from Kindergarten to 12th grade. I think "learning" occurs when students figure out what drives and motivates them. Learning is about seeing how all subjects (math, chemistry, reading, etc.) are all really connected, rather than separated by classes.

How's that?