Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Money Saving Advice

I thought I had better get a post out there, being that rule #1 of blogging is having regular content. Things are busy, getting ready for the school year. I have been using my Google Calendar quite frequently, finding it working out nicely. My favorite feature is that I can get choose to have text messages sent to my cell phone (and I can control when they are sent). I can use the extra reminders.

By now, some people may be getting sick of my Google ramblings, but just in case that isn't the case, I have a quick story how Google is saving people money (I know they are getting richer, believe me):

I know a lawyer in the Brainerd area that used to pay $3000 annually to have his "web page" searchable on the site, For the $10 sign up fee using Google, I will be making him a custom URL site that will more informative, give he and his employees email accounts, calendars, docs and spreadsheets, chat and a customized start page (all web based and accessible from any computer, whether a Mac, PC or Linux OS). That is right, $10 (not including paying me to set it up). In turn, I can teach him to update his page if he likes, and he doesn't have to worry about a redesign every year or so. Now, the sites don't have crazy Flash graphics or PHP, but they make him easy to find the first place people look, on the web. We will do some experimenting with Google Adwords (to see if we can get some additional traffic looking at his site (which I can follow with a web analytics product).

People think that I am really smart technology wise (I know I still have a lot to learn), but I have figured most of this stuff out playing around, using trial and error. I like Google products because I think that it helps almost anyone look technology savvy.

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