Monday, October 15, 2007

Educational Choices Bring Hope

Time for me to admit to being naive. After teaching for two project based learning establishments (Minnesota New Country and EdVisions Off Campus) for the past four school years, I have been overly bias to PBL schools, especially high school. Understandably, I haven't gotten out enough into different educational circles. Recently, I have had the chance to mingle with the staff and students from Hiawatha Leadership Academy in Minneapolis. It has done wonders for me to step outside what I know.

Hiawatha Leadership Academy has done a remarkable job of getting the word out, enrolling over 200 students in their first year. They did this the grassroots way by hitting the pavement. The challenge of opening a school is truly a remarkable effort.

This extended day program involves an intense commitment from their staff. Hats off to them for taking on the challenge of tackling the achievement gap among inner city students.

If interested, check out articles by Minnesota Public Radio and the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

As an educator and citizen, I think it is important for students and teachers to discover their optimal learning environments. One of the main reasons I am such a big fan of charter schools is that they seem more willing to take risk and experiment with different ways of delivering education. Personally, I wish that I would have had so many choices when I was a student four score and seven years ago.

Getting ready to turn on the heat,

Aaron :(

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