Monday, October 08, 2007

Over $1 Billion Invested In Virtual Worlds Over the Past Year

For those interested in what is next in education and communication, start paying attention to the research and development behind virtual worlds (Wikipedia link). I got this article from my friend Tom and it can be found here.

While I have spent some time playing around in Second Life, I feel like there will be much better possibilities ahead in future virtual worlds. SL (Second Life) is busy making its own improvements. I haven't tried out the new voice feature.

If you know of any worlds that you could personally recommend, leave me a comment. I may be looking at testing this out with interested students before the year is over. Web conferencing with students is nice, but being inside a virtual world, I feel, would be much more engaging.

This subject is of particular interest to me, because two years ago, I had two seniors (Rob and Seth) doing their senior projects on making education more engaging. They argued that they go home at night to play video games online, participate in actual learning and meet people from all over the world. Their ideas was to get education to be more engaging using technology. Two years ago, I thought this was still a long way off, but I was wrong. All we have to do now is reprogram those educators that proclaim that education = pain!

To a pain free, engaging education,


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