Saturday, November 17, 2007

Embedding Your Google Calendar

Another Google epiphany this morning. I am have been playing with embedding calendars into web pages and blogs using simple html code provided by Google. When a user is viewing their calendar, they can go to "settings" to see the code needed for embedding. Additionally, users can create separate calendars from their personal calendar and choose to make them public or private (by invite only).

For instance, you can check out my son's Hockey Team Blog, where I put their schedule in Google Calendar for all to see. While this is an experiment, I thought it would save time and convenience to have all the information in one place, rather than sending out piece meal emails. I can see this feature as a major tool for schools. The calendar automatically updates on the blog or site if updated or changed by the account user.

This ability allows left brained people like myself to stay organized. With Google's eventual mobile phone applications, all you will need is a cell phone to stay uber organized. Users can also choose to have event reminders sent to their email or mobile phone.

The follow video is a bit blury, but the audio is informative. If you want to check out more info, you can do a search for "google calendar" or check out the Google Calendar Home. If cost and convenience are two priorities, check it out.


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