Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mobile Applications from Google

Sorry if you get tired of me ranting and raving about Google's applications. As I had previously thought, Google entrance into the mobile market is happening before our eyes. And the answer is "yes," I have been drinking the Google Kool-aid.

Thus far, I have used Gmail, Picasa and and Google-411 "on the go."
For schools and nonprofits, they should seriously consider ditching Microsoft and using these, in my opinion, great products. Did I mention, Google's products are free (unless you upgrade storage space). Remember how Google makes their money, off of advertising. The fact that you will be viewing advertising should be weighed when making the decision. Another plus, the programs update automatically, since they are web based. At this point, if I had to pick between getting a really nice laptop or a mobile phone, get the phone. It is about time America goes mobile, since we are far behind Asia and Europe (that I know of).

This is of particular interest because people will be able to organize everything web based on the go (Google's Mobile Blog). No more hauling your laptop everywhere. If you want to see what Google programs are already mobile,
click here.

As a side note, notice that the mobile version of these web based programs has a different web address. This is because a phone and a computer access different networks. Although many new phones come with
Wi-fi capability, when you are on the go, you rely on the speed of your cellular carrier. All of these options can get confusing, but here is a quick video about how your phone connects (it is outlines a new product: My Location)

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