Friday, November 16, 2007

Politically Correct Testing Rant

Ahhh.... testing. As a school, we spent at least two weeks trying to get all our students to take the NWEA tests. Additionally, I spent the last two weeks helping an elementary school get their NWEA test completed. Our school is rapidly approaching the leftover BST's and current MCA's. I am going to be politically correct in saying that their is a massive amount of time getting these test set up, proctored, making sure all students take the tests and finally, test analysis (which there seems to be the least time for).

I came to some personal realizations, thus opinions, the last two weeks about testing.
  1. Tests truly are written for white, middle class students (the monoculture phenomenon)
  2. It doesn't seem possible that the test scores of ESL students can be valid
  3. Snapshot (versus longitudinal) testing is simply a waste of time
  4. More and more teachers must feel the need to teach to the test
  5. If the time spent administering all the tests was put into another initiative, like peer mentoring for instance, it may be a better use of time by all
  6. Testing may or may not correlate with the student's potential
I have more opinions, that of which shouldn't be posted for all to see. Sometimes I wonder who comes up with these ideas? Who comes up with these testing policies, the lobbyists for the testing companies? Can our own politicians pass all of these tests?

A bit synical, I know, but I had to get that off my chest. :) Now, do the best you can.


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