Monday, August 18, 2008

In Tokyo - Check it out

The pictures will mostly likely do more justice than I can, so look at those first.

Today we road at least 6 trains and ran our tour guides (Soshi and Kazu) ragged. We had views from 3 skyscrapers today: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Plaza at 9:30 this morning, Tokyo Tower (similar to the Eiffel Tower) and had a 7 course supper on floor 50 of another building downtown.

The true purpose, besides learning a ton about Japanese culture begins tomorrow. We will be meeting with Elementary students to look at projects they have completed.

I have a feeling the week is going to fly by and I am going to sorely miss Tokyo. Let me just say, after seeing the plethora of skyscrapers and shear population density, Minneapolis is the sticks. :p

We are being treated like royalty. Our hosts have been ever so gracious. I am amazed by how selfless our hosts have been, to the point of guilt. Honestly, I could not dream up better treatment from hosts. When our Japanese friends come back, I have some work to do.

This has truly been a trip of a lifetime.

I will keep you posted with the upcoming EdVisions Institute and Symposium that begins tomorrow.

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