Monday, October 13, 2008

Register to Vote

If you aren't registered to vote or have moved recently, you can use this widget to register in your home state.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Camp St. Croix Adventure

We survived our school's 4th trip to Camp St. Croix in Hudson, WI. The weather couldn't have been any better the two days we were there.

We were lucky to have 25 students in attendance for a get together that included activities like: presentations/exhibits, a drawing lesson, a campfire, meals eaten family style, a game of predator/prey and a game of ultimate frisbee (with one injury).

In our closing proceedings at the end of the two day event, attendees seemed to overwhelmingly agree that the field trip was a great opportunity to come together as an education community. Students that attended did a great job in showing what bright, creative students we have at EOCHS.

I personally had a great time as I do every year. It helps that this field trip is in my favorite season: fall!

Enjoy some of the pictures taken on my camera and stay tuned for more.