Friday, May 07, 2010

Innovation-based System Reform: Getting Beyond Traditional School

If you know me, I am big fan of the group Education Evolving. Recently, they published their latest paper (click here to view) regarding a familiar plea that public education move to a "two bet strategy." This two bet strategy would allow for more innovative approaches to education 21st Century students than the current "teacher as expert" model that we assume is our best bet to raise productive citizens in society. If you are interested in education policy, I think you will find it as a good read and one that trumpets what America's education system really needs, a large scale system change from the current one bet strategy. 

If you don't believe me, believe my son Cain. Last year in a typical large, suburban, impersonal junior high, he grew complete frustrated with school. This started to effect his self esteem and definitely impacted his motivation to learn. This year (after he agreed to the experiment), he has spent the year at Minnesota New Country School, commuting down from the Twin Cities with me. He has rediscovered the joy of learning and is definitely improving his academic achievement. If he would have continued to stay in the "one size fits all" environment, as his dad I was afraid to see what would happen as he continued to disengage with school. He and I talk more than ever about learning and his future, because I am a real partner is his learning.

I am going to try and contribute more on here. I have to to admit that the facebook and twitter world we live in has me giving out short thoughts. As always, feel free to share your thoughts.


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