Tuesday, June 08, 2010

3 Documentaries On My "Must See" List This Summer

There are three movies, around American education that should make things very interesting. While there have been many books written about the "one size fits all" factory model that I see as outdated, I am personally hoping that the movies get people to think more about our lack of innovation and systemic problems going on in schools.

To be clear, I don't blame teachers, but believe they should be some of the loudest advocates for change. I realize that I am young and still have much to learn, but one of my goals and passions in life is to see schools be better places for kids and teachers (as well as others)... more motivating, more engaging, more hopeful environments.

I embedded some of the trailers for these movies which all should be out this summer. I will try to follow up with thoughts later, but would also love to hear your reactions... along with any other documentaries that may be coming out around education.


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Angie said...

The War On Kids... Highly recommended. Now the story I'm about to share here has everything to do with the movie. Bear with me... When we left the AERO Conference (where we saw the movie with you Aaron) we went North through the Adirondacks of New York. We stayed at a really cool campground on Cranberry Lake. While we were there, we went swimming at their beach where there were three highschool lifeguards working. We started shooting the breeze, talking about their jobs and Jamie started talking about his charter school, trips they take etc. Which they were intrigued by. How can you do alternative schooling like that? They had never heard of such a thing. Mind you, these kids are from a school of 200 kids, K-12. We asked them what their school was like, and they started to complain about many things. First on their list, just like in "The War On Kids" was the complaint about video cameras. These kids have 50 video cameras in their school, and three cameras on every school bus (to get them from every angle.) WHAT THE F***? What does a small town like this need 50 video cameras for??? So this kid tells us how he was the last on the bus with his girlfriend and he kissed her. He was suspended for 3 days for Public DIsplay of Affection. And the funny thing was that there was no one else on the bus. UM. OK. 3 days suspension? Watch the movie. This chance meeting in the middle of nowhere with these kids, and the conversation we had was a real eye opener. It totally drove the point home. We left them with a copy of the AERO Conference booklet. And a list of authors to read, like John Taylor Gatto. Start a revolution wherever and whenever you can.